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Frequently Asked Questions

The General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) at the University Hospital and Medical Center at Stony Brook is one of a select number of the country’s leading medical institutions to receive funding from the National Institutes of Heath (NIH) to work towards improving health.

What is the purpose of the GCRC?

The GCRC assists doctors and medical researchers to conduct clinical studies seeking to better understand and treat disease.

What are clinical studies and what do they accomplish?

Clinical studies consist of individuals who agree to participate in research to find newer and better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

Why is the GCRC important to me?

The GCRC seeks better ways of taking care of your health.

Who will conduct the studies?

The studies will be conducted only by specially trained doctors and nurses.

What studies are currently underway?

Some of the diseases that are currently accepting participants include: Lyme disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, AIDS, stroke prevention, various cancers (e.g. ovarian, breast and prostate), heart disease and substance abuse. Contact the GCRC office at (516) 444-6900 to find out about these and other studies that are currently underway.

What do I receive for participating?

Depending upon the study, individuals/participants may be compensated for their time and or travel.

Will anyone know that I am participating in a study?

All information that is obtained in connection with a study and that could identify you will remain confidential. Your name and other identifying information will not be used in any study reports. The information that will be gathered through the study will be available only to professional staff working on that study.

Will my doctor be able to receive my test or study results?

With your permission, the doctors conducting the study will keep your own doctor aware of your progress in the study.

How will study results be used?

The results will be used to improve the quality of your health and that of others.

If you have questions about participating in any current GCRC studies please contact:

University Hospital and Medical Center at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794


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